Room Reservations


To book online, choose By Room or By Day below and follow the instructions.

Conference rooms are on the second floor of the library.  Each room is equipped with a table and chairs and mounted white board. There is a flat screen monitor attached to the wall that can utilize HDMI connections or pair with your device via AIRTAME.

Occupancy by Room: 

  • Conference Room A -- 12 people maximum
  • Conference Room B -- 6 people maximum
  • Conference Room C -- 6 people maximum
  • Conference Room D -- 12 people maximum
  • Conference Room F -- 6 people maximum
  • Conference Room G -- 6 people maximum


  • There are no rental fees for conference rooms.
  • Conference Rooms must be reserved with a library card or guest pass, which can be obtained at the Reference Desk.
  • You must arrive within 15 minutes of your reservation, or it will be cancelled and given to another patron.
  • Conference Rooms can be reserved up to 2 hours, 2 times per day for a total of 4 hours. 
  • Conference and Study Rooms do not have an age requirement, but should follow the library's unattended child policy
  • Room Usage should be conducted in an orderly manner and in full compliance with all applicable library policies, city laws and regulations. 
  • Rooms should be cleaned and left in the original conditions.