Scanning and Audio Conversion Station

Maximum Capacity


Library Branch

Ankeny Kirkendall Public Library

At this station you can scan printed photographs, photo negatives, photo slides, and documents to a digital format. You can also convert vinyl and cassette tapes to a digital format. You can then burn the digital file to a CD, save it to a flash drive, or upload it to an online drive. Audio conversion is a real-time conversion, so the play time of the audio source is the amount of time it will take to convert. 


  • Flatbed scanner
  • Upright, multi-page/multi-photo scanner
  • Turntable
  • Cassette tape player
On narrow displays, the weekly room calendar is wider than the screen. You can side-scroll within this table to view room availability for the whole week.

Sun - 4/14

Mon - 4/15

Thu - 4/18

Fri - 4/19

Sat - 4/20